MAME cabinet

The completed cabinet feat. CD lamp :)

Rear view of the cabinet


A former Atari RAY 1100 Jamma cabinet, turned into a MAME cabinet. When I got the cabinet, it was basically the plain frame without much else. For example, the door frame and hinges were badly bent and the controller console was missing altogether. Project (finally) completed in 2011. Yay \o/

Work stage posts

MAME cabinet
Initial basics
Shelve mechanism
Monitor installation
Mechanical odds and ends
Controller console
Moar mekaniks
Console bending
Control test fit
Inner end pieces for the console
Outer end pieces for the console
Volume dial
More odds and ends
New display
Adventures in video
More video “fun”
Video one more time
Wrapping up
Project complete

Additional posts

System upgrade, part 1
System upgrade, part 2

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