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TTSH, speaker baffle mod

This was a quick “let’s see what happens” kind of mod for my TTSH.

In their stock config, the TTSH loudspeakers are supposed to be fastened to the circuit board, which is then fastened to the front plate. Handy approach eg. for having the electronics as a entirely separate, single ‘module’ for servicing etc. But problem with this is that it leaves a ~12mm gap between the driver and the front panel. Read More…

Davetone tests

Eventually managing to arrange a test session for my Davetones, a short summary is in order. My friend Kraku was kind enough to help, and so we spent a good hour listening to this and that. First up, the test setup:

Davetone vs. Avantone vs. Genelec 8050 :)

Neither me or Kraku have the equipment for doing proper freq graph analysis, so all comparisons were performed by ear alone and whilst listening to this and that.. Just to namedrop a few of the playlist entries, we had bands/artists like Nine Inch Nails, Madonna, Aaron Neville and Pendulum. We had output busses set up in Logic Pro so that A/B switching could be done on the fly without interruptions. Read More…

Davetone mixcubes

Figuring out a use for ‘50 digital wood joints‘ I posted about earlier sure didn’t take too long.. Simply ‘extremely inspirational’, and I doubt the content provided can be over-advertised ;)

DaveP’s completed speaker

The actual project this time around is a pair of Auratone 5C clones by DaveP @ GroupDIY, complemented by the aforementioned woodworking finesse.

Breaking from my norm of writing multiple work stage posts, I decided to try rolling everything to a single post. Since the bulk of work is pretty much sourced from the internet and around the ‘drawing board’, there’s only build related details to write about. Once I had the part design figured out and CNC’d, the assembly was a snap.

Read More…