There probably should be a list of resource sections here.

One response to “Resources”

  1. Phillip Jordan says :

    I am in need of a rom cart to do some reverse engineering of an SD-1 with the help of a Logic analyzer.

    Would it be possible for you to scan the TOP & BOTTOM side of the bare rom cartridge board, I would like to do a reverse engineer of a Standard cart to get some more insight into the inner working of the rom storage of the sd-1.

    wishfull hoping, perhaps you had thought of doing that before you modded the Cartridge in anticipation of duping the boards ;-) at a later date.

    I have a dream is modding my 2 Ensoniq SD-1 Synths into a new beasts by replaceing the internal rom samples & internal onboard program patches with my own and making a more ambient electronica type instrument out of my SD-1.

    I need to start with some reverse engineer of the carts, If you could help me out that or point me to a source for the ensoniq carts or sd-1 schematics, It would be much appreciated, and a good starting point.


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