Arp Odyssey restoration & mods


A MK I (white-face) Arp Odyssey presumably manufactured towards the end of 1973. When I bought it, it was in pretty bad condition internally, so comprehensive repairs were needed. I also chose to re-work the entire audio path whilst at it. Restored to fully functional state late 2007, mods added during 2008, additional repairs between 2010 – 2011.

Work stage posts

Getting started: The PSU connector
Slider cleaning
Keyboard repairs
Triumph over sliders
Board A repairs
Board B repairs
Board C repairs
Fully functional!
Dual VCF
Breakout box
Power supply upgrade
VCF & slider repairs


Arp Odyssey MKI

The restored MK I Arp Odyssey

Completed Breakout Box.

9 responses to “Arp Odyssey restoration & mods”

  1. jorge says :

    excellent man! great info,i have a question;what do you use to cleanning?

  2. Nick Wiedemann says :

    Hi there 🙂 My Oddy, could need that breakoutbox. Can you please tell Me what opamps did you use, since I can’t see it,in your schematics.. All the best from Nick W and Happy new Year

    • Arto says :

      Don’t have my box at hand to check it, but I think I used a generic TL074. Any quad opamp should be fine :)

  3. Nick Wiedemann says :

    Super, I will try that. Thx Man and great info Site

  4. Brian Dressel says :

    Oh man, I’m just starting my own repair of an Arp Odyssey Mk1. Thanks for posting this. I have been documenting my progress as well with photos and notes. So far, I’ve replaced all sliders and will finish replacing all ICs tonight, along with all caps.

    • Arto says :

      Hi and nice to hear that my posts are of help!

      I hope you didn’t use those chinese replica sliders; I installed a set on mine and they started acting up about a few years even in light studio use. It’s like the slide range works fine, but many developed issues where the contact between rail & slide broke if the lever moved sideways even the slightest. Try doing smooth VCF fades with all the crackly contact breaks.. *grrrr* :D

      So yeah I replaced the replicas about 1.5 years ago with GMUSynth CTS-to-PTL adapter boards and Bourns LED sliders, and these have been rock solid. Those I can totally recommend.

      Come to think about it, should perhaps write a post about those too. Still haven’t wired up the LEDs tho..

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