Odyssey, triumph over sliders

\:D/ Fatality, Arto, Win \:D/

That was of course pronounced with a Mortal Kombat-ish voice and hopefully in 8-bit sample depth ;). Yeah! I’ve been working on the sliders some hours every week and after about a month the “slider cleanup chores” are over! With a bit of practice (and once I built up the routine of cleaning a slider), it’d take me maybe something like 15-20 mins to clean up and assemble a single slider.

Repaired sliders on board B.

While at it I decided to test out some low-density packing foam as a dust cover for the sliders. There’s a pretty good gap between the sliders and the case, so installing some kind of a dust cover would help keep the dirt away from inside the sliders.

The gap between sliders & case.

Testing a sheet of packing foam as slider dust cover on board C.

And how did this work? Well, fine for the first minute or so! After that the foam started breaking apart and the slider was full of small foam flakes in no time :). Back to drawing board it is with this mod then, maybe some more rubbery mat might do the trick..

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3 responses to “Odyssey, triumph over sliders”

  1. Fabrizio Lugli says :

    Hi, I’m trying to restore a ARP Odyssey Mark III that I’ve been using for many years. I will try your slider cleaning method
    Unfortunately one of the sliders (Portamento is missing) due to an early fixing attempt. Do you know anybody selling a replacement ? the problem is finding one with the right pin configuration that will fit into the PCB


    • arto says :

      At least Synth Restore sells sets of 10 sliders. Afaik these should be newly manufactured clones and not just new-old-stock or used. Too bad that the price of full slider kits has nearly doubled in just a few years.

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