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My DIY Blog xmas special: Turkey, part 3

Not much of a surprise that I had to post-pone writing the final part until christmas day, was just too stuffed with all the OM-NOM-NOM food and belgian ale ;).. And, having spent the better part of christmas eve slaving over the dinner, sitting down to write this wasn’t exactly “priority 1” either.

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My DIY Blog xmas special: Turkey, part 2

After bathing in cider brine overnight (check part 1 here), my DIY xmas special advances to stage 2! Read More…

My DIY Blog xmas special: Turkey, part 1

Ho ho ho, it’s xmas holidays off-topic time! Along this very ‘as it happened’ idea, I thought I’d DIY something completely different (in the form of a turkey) to celebrate the holidays. I selected two recipes to build upon, the apple cider brined turkey and bacon-wrapped turkey.

The bacon-wrapped turkey. Anxiously waiting to see how my version turns out.. ;)

The bacon-wrapped turkey. Photo by chow.com

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