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Ghetto headphones, part 3

Returning to this project just a little bit, I decided to “style” up the headphones with a paint pen. No graphical theme in mind so I ended up drawing random this and that..

GHP, completed

GHP, completed

Sort of a 80s vibe in some way, reasonably silly enough for this project :)

Ghetto headphones, part 2

Ok paint has had the chance to dry overnight, so it’s onward with the ghetto headphones!

Whilst waiting for the hot-glue on the ear cushions to settle, I focused on the cabling. As the cable and connector are from some old Audio-Technica headphones, I figured I’ll install a 3,5mm jack parallel to the cable. This can be used for a “DJ headphone” style detachable cable. So to say, whenever the Audio-Technica cable craps out, it can be simply cut away and a regular 3,5mm cable used instead.

GHP, cutout for connector

Making room for a 3,5mm stereo jack.

Not much more to it.. For no reason in particular, I decided to fill up the Philips power switch hole with hot-glue but leave the rest of the holes open :)

GHP, left side

Assembled headphones, left side.

GHP, right side

Assembled headphones, right side.

Ghetto headphones

Ghetto headphones!

Umm yeah.. classy!

Ghetto headphones, part 1

Three headphones (AKG, Audio-Technica and Philips) in the SER pile, so I figured I’ll try combining them to something functional :).. The “A’s” are mechanically damaged beyond repair whereas the wireless Philips headphones are ok but the ear cushions are crap and the transmitter is broken. So, it’s Philips for the main structure and the A’s for cable and ear cushions. Hi-End to the max! \:D/

GHP, gutting the wireless headphones

The wireless Philips headphones

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