Ghetto headphones, part 2

Ok paint has had the chance to dry overnight, so it’s onward with the ghetto headphones!

Whilst waiting for the hot-glue on the ear cushions to settle, I focused on the cabling. As the cable and connector are from some old Audio-Technica headphones, I figured I’ll install a 3,5mm jack parallel to the cable. This can be used for a “DJ headphone” style detachable cable. So to say, whenever the Audio-Technica cable craps out, it can be simply cut away and a regular 3,5mm cable used instead.

GHP, cutout for connector

Making room for a 3,5mm stereo jack.

Not much more to it.. For no reason in particular, I decided to fill up the Philips power switch hole with hot-glue but leave the rest of the holes open :)

GHP, left side

Assembled headphones, left side.

GHP, right side

Assembled headphones, right side.

Ghetto headphones

Ghetto headphones!

Umm yeah.. classy!


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