Yet another MBHP SID synth, this beast of a project contains four SID chips that can be controlled through the full Midibox SID control surface. Built into a breadbox C64, this project was also pretty much about testing how to use other parts besides the plain enclosure. If you’re planning to build one, the posts for this project might give some ideas about how huge a project you’re about to start working on.. ;) Completed in 2005.

Work stage posts

Part 1, the beginning
Part 2, first steps
Part 3, board mounting tests
Part 4, jackboard
Part 5, core programming
Part 6, cables and then some
Part 7, powering up for the first time
Part 8, keyboard frame
Part 9, DOUT mounting
Part 10, display placement
Part 11, a week of fail
Part 12, something visible
Part 13, front plate
Part 14, cables and boards
Part 15, datawheel fail
Part 16, sampling for encoders
Part 17, assembly complete!
Part 18, finishing touches


QuadSID, inside view

QuadSID, completed unit

QuadSID, display closeup

QuadSID, knob closeup

QuadSID, angle 2

QuadSID, angle 3

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