QuadSID, display placement

I’ve spent most of this week figuring out the layout of the control surface. The LCD element is most important, as its placement will also determine where other operational blocks (f.ex. VCF/VCA controls) will locate to. As the display to-be-used in this project is a four-row one, it’ll require a bit more space than what Thorsten’s original design uses (two-row LCD). Furthermore, I think Thorsten’s layout (picture here) is impractical in the sense that, assuming both hands are used and you wish to operate the data encoder (display menu navigation / value control) or the switch matrix, your left hand will most likely block the display. To work around these issues, the display could be simply located more towards the top of the control panel and the data encoder placed to correspond with the chosen hand configuration (located on the left side of display for left hand configuration and vice versa).

Anyway, it quickly became apparent that with my chosen design approach, the only reasonable spot for the display is on the upper left-hand corner. The other end of the frame is just that much better suited for the encoders. Also, as the display is mechanically larger, it has to be mounted to the upper half of the enclosure from its other end instead of being completely mounted on the keyboard frame. Thus it seems that my magnificient plan of making the keyboard frame a single detachable unit will be also falling slightly short ;)

Now then, as the display placement is sorted out, I think it’s time for a much deserved christmas break! So..

Merry christmas and happy new year everyone!

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