QuadSID, first steps

I kicked off the construction yesterday by stripping the C64 to be used for the enclosure, cutting out a suitable piece from the C64 motherboard (for the power supply / bankstick connectors), drilling the mounting holes to all the PCBs and figuring out their positioning inside the enclosure. In order to get started with the electronics as well, I put together the easiest bits, the banksticks. With these, I ended up adapting the pin order a bit from Thorsten’s design as this allowed me to solder the memory chips almost directly to the connector. If one wishes to adapt my version to match Thorsten’s design, only a couple of jumper wires need to be added. As Thorsten’s design was missing the 100nF power supply bypass capacitors, I added these as well.

Today’s session focused mostly on making connectors for the internal cabling. I want the “engine room” to be as clean and service-friendly as possible, so I’m going for crimped flat cables and pin header connectors instead of direct-to-board soldering. Anyway, since I didn’t have any single row 5-pin connector casings available, I had to trim some from dual row ones. A bit of a chore, but it’ll (hopefully) prove well worth it. Besides the connectors, I also managed to stuff two of the Digital Input (DIN) boards with parts.

MBHP DIN-module
(Open the picture in two separate browser tabs to view both boards I stuffed today ;)

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