QuadSID, cables and boards

After the front panel session last week, I spent the rest of the week preparing to cable up the control surface. This included mounting the rest of the circuit boards to the keyboard frame and making more connector casings. As it turned out, I had miscalculated the amount of connectors needed (I made some when starting out with this project) for the control surface. I had also forgotten to add a connector for the C64 power LED to the power supply board. With all these out of the way I was finally ready for the cabling! This is what the underside looks like with all of the boards installed:

QuadSID, underside of the control surface

Whilst mounting the boards, I also came across a brain-fart bonus from last week.  For some reason unknown, I had managed slip in one extra LED hole to the control env/assign -section design (on the lower right-hand corner). No idea when this slipped in or how I’m going to fix it, but it sure left a pretty permanent reminder for now. Anyway, as I finally completed cabling for most of the boards today, I’m not going to let this bother myself for the time being :)

QuadSID, overall view of control surface

Shaping out neatly, reckon I’ll have this baby out of the way pretty soon!

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