QuadSID, DOUT mounting

Today, I measured and marked the mounting spots for the Digital Output (DOUT) boards (thanks for the correction tip, Leia ;) and made all the interconnecting cables for them. As with the keyboard frame, I wanted the enclosure to also follow the same approach (easily detachable halves). Thus, DOUT-modules have to be located in the upper half to keep the cabling simple.

To avoid drilling ugly holes for the DOUT board mounting towers, I affixed the them with a bit of hot glue (check the leftmost picture above). Getting their placement right is dead easy. First, just affix the board to the towers and use this for rough marking, f.ex. drawing some kind of a circle around each tower. Then, remove the board, squirt small dabs of hot glue on top of your markings and press the board in place. After the glue cools down, remove the board from the mounts and carefully add a bit more glue around each one (sturdier fix).

I also measured, cut, filed and sanded the front plate. For the LED/button/encoder layout, the plan now is to base it loosely on Thorsten’s design but make a few tweaks here and there to fit the bigger LCD-screen and possibly improve usability.

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