QuadSID, sampling for encoders

To date, no luck locating a suitable encoder from any of the local shops. Then again, there was this one in the mail from a Bourns representative..:

Subject: [PEC16-4225F-S24 or PEC16-4225F-S12: Sample Request]

Hello Mr Arto

We sent you four samples of partnumber PEC16-4220F-S0012 on 11.02.2005 as we don’t have any samples of the requested partnumbers.

Kind regards,
xxxxxx xxxxxx
Distribution Scandinavia/UK
Customer Service Center Europe

Looks like the project is back on track! Yay \:D/ Thank you thank you thank you Bourns for saving my week!

Whilst looking at the datasheets for the encoders Petri had ordered from voti.nl, it came apparent that the pinout mentioned in the schematics is wrong for this type of encoder. Not a biggie to fix, just reverse cables for pins B and C and it’s sorted out. Nonetheless, good that I spotted this one early on.

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