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LED mod for Lego Star Wars Slave 1

To wrap up 2017 here’s the near-mandatory, and-now-for-something-completely-different, holiday seasons DIY post.

This time around though I’m skipping the turkey in favor of adding LED lighting to thruster engines of Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Set (UCS) nr. 75060 aka ‘Slave 1’.. Aka ‘that clothes iron looking spaceship’ with which Jango & Boba Fett transport their *preciousssss* bounty in in Star Wars movies. Read More…

Lego Key Organizer

Rainy day..

Today autumn arrived to Helsinki in full force, bringing along a rainy gray day.. As if wanting to prep you for the dark winter times ahead. Stuck indoors with very little else than house chores to do, I decided to brighten my day with a quick hack: A Lego Key Organizer!
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Last weekend came the moment for 2008 installment of Icons, a small Helsinki-based demoparty. Wanting to continue the Natural Media compo tradition from 2007, I started wondering what to submit this second time around. The idea dawned shortly after: why not do a Katamari out of Lego?!

There were two recent events that lead me up to this idea. First, I’ve obviously spent a lot of time playing We Love Katamari (and Katamari Damacy sometime way earlier). Second, not too long ago my mom dug up my childhood Lego collection from her ‘basement archives’ and returned it to me. In a way, bridging this happy reunion with a suitcase full of Lego to Katamari was maybe just a matter of time.. Leia / Bzh was there to help with build, so the project was a go in no-time!

Before continuing with the article here’s a Tube clip for the Katamari theme to provide some background music ;)

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