Lego Key Organizer

Rainy day..

Today autumn arrived to Helsinki in full force, bringing along a rainy gray day.. As if wanting to prep you for the dark winter times ahead. Stuck indoors with very little else than house chores to do, I decided to brighten my day with a quick hack: A Lego Key Organizer!

This build is an adaptation of Lego Key Organizer by Mike Warren and Ribba Key Box by Jules. Straightforward stuff, so let’s get on with the build.

A large Lego baseplate and a Ribba frame.

Situation to boot with, a Lego baseplate 628 and a Ribba photo frame..

Ribba & Lego 628 matching

..Lucky me, the frame matches the stud spacing neatly.

Cutting a groove

Cutting a groove to aid trimming down the baseplate.

Wiggle that groove!

Once the groove is there, only a little wiggling is needed to snap the halves apart.

The baseplate is actually so thin, that its about as easy to cut with scissors. Same goes for studs; nothing which a good side cutter couldn’t handle.. Beats me why anyone would use a Dremel for this stuff :)

Trimming away the Lego studs

A row of studs needs to go from each edge..

The baseplate modded for assembly

— followed by a bit of sanding to make the base flat and edges smooth.

Stapling in progress

Add furniture staples to attach the baseplate with frame..

Lego Key Organizer frame

..and there it is, the Lego Key Organizer frame. :)

Funny enough, the width of staples I have matched the Lego stud spacing. Is it just coincidence or was this a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN !!1 (trololol).

Key block modding in progress

Plenty of blocks to choose from for the keys.. Could use more colors tho.

Fasteners added..

Finally, add fasteners on the back side, and the Organizer is ready for installation!

Must say, I really like the 3M Command series for hanging stuff on the wall. The two Command fasteners I used for this project are spec’ed to support up to 900 grams! The Organizer can accommodate some pretty heavy sets of keys too. What I have in it currently adds up to around 180 grams.

Organizer installed

Lego Key Organizer by the door. Next project, paint the damn door? :)

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3 responses to “Lego Key Organizer”

  1. Jesse Conlang says :

    This is outstanding! do you know if a 2×2 brick is sufficient to hold keys on? it looks great.

    • Arto says :

      Sure, I have some in use for single keys. If you have some very old / worn out bricks, perhaps test them first for pull strenght.

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