Last weekend came the moment for 2008 installment of Icons, a small Helsinki-based demoparty. Wanting to continue the Natural Media compo tradition from 2007, I started wondering what to submit this second time around. The idea dawned shortly after: why not do a Katamari out of Lego?!

There were two recent events that lead me up to this idea. First, I’ve obviously spent a lot of time playing We Love Katamari (and Katamari Damacy sometime way earlier). Second, not too long ago my mom dug up my childhood Lego collection from her ‘basement archives’ and returned it to me. In a way, bridging this happy reunion with a suitcase full of Lego to Katamari was maybe just a matter of time.. Leia / Bzh was there to help with build, so the project was a go in no-time!

Before continuing with the article here’s a Tube clip for the Katamari theme to provide some background music ;)

Not me nor Leia had any good ideas how to go about building a Legomari, so we just started digging through the suitcase of bricks, putting together this and that. I figured that it’s maybe better to make the Legomari hollow and have some sort of a “skeleton” that’d (at least slightly) make it resemble the shape of a sphere from the get-go. This we made using some long Lego Technic sticks and whatever would be “rolled” into the Katamari was then simply attached to the skeleton. You can actually see parts of it peeking through here and there in the picture below. They’re the yellow ones with round holes.

(Almost) ready to roll!

As for the rolled items, we just added random parts and built some cars and whatnot according to original Lego print instructions. Naturally, the Kewlers Finger Logo ™ had to be there too :).

All in all, the overall structure turned out pretty fragile thanks to all the weight. If this Legomari was to be subjected to actual rolling, it’d probably break right about the same instant. Super-glue would’ve helped making the structure more rigid, but no way I’m going to start wrecking my PRECIOUSSSSSSSSS Lego with such a treatment! The structure was able to withstand being carefully moved about, and that was enough to get it on display at the party gallery.

The Legomari got submitted to the competition under alias “Havnäs Lego Klubben” (according to the part of town me and Leia live in) and was left for people to admire. After left alone to spend the first night on display at the gallery, we we’re faced by this devastation the following morning:

Drunken swedes appreciated the Legomari <3. Photo by Bass-Cadet.

Asking around what had happened, it turned out some drunken swedes had fallen over the Legomari, shattering it to pieces. We had no clue how to assemble the Legomari again in a similar fashion, so actually this ‘Nocturnal Swedejävla Interception’ resulted in a totally new piece!

In the actual competition our Legomari took the first place, well-deserved. That’s about it, definitely not building a Legomari the third time!

Legomari, repairing Swede damage. Photo by Bass-Cadet.

Made any Legomari? Do share a picture link in the comments section below :)

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