Oldskool link page for this and that DIY related stuff around the net.. Last updated 12th of december 2013.


  • diyAudio – “Projects by fanatics, for fanatics”.. say no more :)
  • Hacked Gadgets – Hacks, mods, DIY and then some!
  • Hardware Secrets – Discussion about PC hardware and custom PC building.
  • Midibox – Discussion about gear made using Thorsten Klose’s MBHP modules.
  • Prophet 64 – Discussion about the Prophet 64 and MSSIAH cartridges for Commodore 64.
  • Replica Prop Forum – Discussion & lot of info related to building movie prop replicas.
  • Vintage Computers – Tons of info and discussion about various vintage computers.




  • Batronix IC-Databook – Freeware IC database app for Windows. Comes with pinouts / truth tables for 4xxx and 74xxx -series logic chips, but more can be added by simply creating appropriate .txt files.
  • Cadsoft Eagle Light – Freeware version of Cadsoft’s Eagle, a schematic & PCB layout editor. Restrictions on board size and layers.
  • Draftsight – Freeware 2D CAD program. This is what I use currently for all my CNC designs.
  • Electronics Assistant – A freeware program with various calculators, eg. power, inductance and reactance.
  • Novarm DipTrace Freeware – As the name suggests, a free version of DipTrace, a PCB layout editor. Restrictions on amount of pins & commercial use.
  • Sketchup – Freeware 3D modelling program. Plenty of free design files (.skp) out there, check one under ‘Resources’.


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