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Akai S2000 internal SCSI mod

Akai S2000, My First Sampler™ ! Coupled with Amiga 1200, this baby was the backbone of my older works like ‘Italiano’ (more commonly known from ‘Dose 2‘), or the Outer Space Alliance album.

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The return of PQNG

Much to my surprise, after donating a CPU module (used in PQNG) to Jope / Extend to play around with, he managed to get it running Linux from a CF-card. Pinging local host, is there any more inherent use for any computer system running Linux? ;).. Now, I have no certainty why this boot media didn’t work for me the first time around, but inspired by Jope’s success I decided to give them a second spin.. And what do you know, PQNG booting from a CF!

This time around, what changed was that I had some smaller CF cards and a factory-made IDE-to-CF adapter. The adapter I built myself wasn’t the source of problems (works fine on my desktop PC), so I’m guessing there has to be some kind of low-level differences between CF-cards other than their size. Could also be a newer BIOS on the CPU module. Back in 2008, the cards I tested were all above 1Gb whereas they’ve now been below 256Mb. Out of what I’ve tested so far, the failed ones have been a 256Mb Transcend and a 32Mb Canon. Then again, to contrast this I also have a second 32Mb Canon that works just fine.

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