Seems you’ve come across my blog and additionally shown enough interest towards “what the hell is this about” by clicking the link for this page. Thanks for the effort, great to have you here!

My name is Arto, I live in Finland and this blog is about my own Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. Besides repairing industrial electronics (mostly embedded systems) as my daytime job, I am also a electronics hobbyist and a sworn tinkerer.

I’m also a enormous music aficionado, compose electronic music under a variety of aliases and co-own a independent artist-driven music production company called Holy Feather. Links to some of my music projects are available on the widget to the right and you should press play on the Soundcloud widget right NOW! In case you want to drop me a line of three to me about whatever in private, there’s a contact form at the end of this page.

This idea of this blog could be mostly summed up with the phrase “One man and his DIY”, but I might also occasionally write posts about my music projects or what other people elsewhere around the world do that inspires me (pardon the Hel-Looks cliché :). Anyway, I sure hope you find my scribblings entertaining, of some use, or even inspirational!

Initially, what got me into DIY and electronics in late 90s was the desire to build, modify and repair electronic instruments. Over time this desire started branching all over the place, covering a ever-widening spectrum of DIY in general. Nowadays, I deeply value all kinds of creative hand crafts and see making old items work in a new way as a very rewarding challenge.

I feel that much more emphasis should be placed on environment-friendly coexistence with this beautiful planet of ours. From this perspective, it’s sound to be able to repair and reuse existing materials yourself instead of environmentally unbearable short shop-to-landfill consuming cycles.

To me, it seems that the combination of hand skills and innovative thinking required to maintain a reasonable level of personal “reuse-reduce” seem to be in a decline. All the easily available industrially fabricated stuff just makes it too easy to go for a shopping spree of trinkets and junk you probably didn’t need in the first place (holograph balance wrist bands anyone?). “If you build it, they will come”, as me and some of my friends like to incorrectly cite Kevin Costner ever so often ;).

I also feel that, seeing other people create and reuse stuff helps adjusting your own mindset towards the same goal. Whatever the inspiring ideas available “in the open”, they will work their magic in your subconscious, possibly turning into something applicable if you’re in the mindset of “connecting things”. This is one of the main reasons why I want to make my DIY stuff available to the world, to somehow contribute to the pool of ideas and hand crafting methods out here in the net.

Coming back to this blog, how did it actually came about then? Well, ever since early 2003 I’ve had a hosted directory for my DIY under scene.org and I’ve used it mostly for sharing pictures and such semi-privately with my friends and acquaintances all over the world. Not much more has been required, as I’ve usually posted other notes with the picture (or whatever) links. As such, this directory has been hardly informative to people who might’ve stumbled across it by accident. For quite some time I’ve found myself pondering over and over again, how to go about adding bit more “flesh” to this directory of files.

Originally, I was planning on renting web hosting and setting up a separate page but then came to realize that taking this route is just yet another hassle I don’t really need filling up my already busy schedule. So, on 10th of december 2009, I landed here on WordPress and started digging into my old projects. This phase is still undergoing, as I need to jog my memory about the details surrounding projects I don’t have build logs for (HD crashes, lazy logging etc.). Come to think of it, some of that old stuff is even waiting to be completed!

Carl Hooper

Carl sure knows it..

In case you’re wondering about the URL of this blog and came here expecting to see  awesomess from around the world, I do have to disappoint you. I selected the name with a very strong Carl Hooper (of Fast Show) connotation in mind. Sometimes the DIY stuff I do just makes me feel like that.

Finally, a disclaimer of sorts especially regarding electronics. Despite my daytime job and all the projects completed so far, I don’t claim to be nowhere near the best electronics genius in the world. Hence, you shouldn’t think of my scribblings as some absolute truth and source of correctness, despite there might be some findings that seem to-the-point or more universally applicable. After all, all the stuff here is still something you saw in the net ;)

As far as electronics goes I’m handy with the tools of the trade, manage fault-finding and repairs on both through-hole and SMD boards/parts AND generally know what I’m doing.  If you decide to make use of anything available in my blog, you should maintain an open mind and know your way around electronics as well. Feel free to build and experiment on my works, but know that you do so at your own risk. Some schematics/repairs/mods include handling hazardous voltages. If you are an _actual_ electronics guru and spot errors in my designs it’d make me more than happy if you’d educate me about these as well! Life is a never-ending learning experience and none of us is perfect!

That’s about it, now go read some of my posts. Here’s the contact form I promised:


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