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Atari 2600, video mod

Frustrated by the results of my slightly unsuccesful Atari 2600 video mod, I ended up buying a RetroKidz composite / S-video mod from (the nowadays ceased) 8-bit Domain webshop shortly after. The specs available there stated that this mod had been tested to work on both PAL and NTSC systems, so it seemed like a hassle-free solution.. Not that it proved out one, really. If you have a PAL system and this mod installed, you should definitely read on!

The RetroKidz Atari 2600 video mod PCB

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Sega Dreamcast VGA mod

Came acrossa a bargain Sega Dreamcast bundle and simply couldn’t pass it by, so here I am with yet another console post!

As far as modding instructions go I’ll once again default to one of my favourites, Mmmonkey, and his Dreamcast Internal VGA -page. Not much to add to the instructions, so I’ll just skip to the photos. Do check out Mmmonkey’s page for further descriptions if you like.

With my Dreamcast I chose to cut a small piece from the EMI shielding plate and install the connector and the switch to the ventilation openings. Snug fit, but in did the parts go!