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XRGB Framemeister japanese SCART to european

Now here’s a quick one. Something which should definitely come in handy if you’re looking to convert a japanese SCART cable to an european one. Perhaps off general interest too. Certainly not the only one of these floating around on the internet.

The XRGB Framemeister-Mini is about the most awesome thing ever for hooking up your RGB-outputting retro game consoles to any modern HDMI equipped screen. It does have one minor problem for us europeans though: The device ships with a SCART adapter pinned for japanese systems, and plugging your european gear to that is a big NO-NO. Good thing: it’s easy to mod into something euro-compatible!

The Framemeister-mini. Photo by the internets.

The Framemeister-mini. Photo by the internets.

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MAME cabinet, system upgrade part 2

On to some testing results with the MAME cabinet computer upgrade. The new hardware was almost a “no fit” inside the cabinet (silly considering the size of it!), but I got the hardware installed eventually. The coin return slot had to go, but it’s not like there was any actual use for it in the cabinet.

New computer installed!

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MAME cabinet, system upgrade part 1

The Esprimo P5916

Heh, just a little over month gone by, since I announced the hardware of my MAME project complete and I already find myself working on it again. But.. as it happens, I managed to get my hands on a Core2Duo PC (E6320 CPU @ 1.86GHz) for next to nothing. Decent performance upgrade and possibly the end of motherboard-related-video-problems?? Sure, sign me up!

The PC I got is a Fujitsu Esprimo 5916 and summing up its specs, well.. Most importantly, the mobo has a serial port! Never thought I’d say this, but it’s actually a much needed legacy feature, as the spinner I have is built around a serial mouse. Little less upgrades this way, perhaps :).

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MAME cabinet, end

About time to wrap this one up! Plenty of software config is still pending, but what the hell.. ;)

The completed cabinet feat. CD lamp :)

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Atari 2600, video mod

Frustrated by the results of my slightly unsuccesful Atari 2600 video mod, I ended up buying a RetroKidz composite / S-video mod from (the nowadays ceased) 8-bit Domain webshop shortly after. The specs available there stated that this mod had been tested to work on both PAL and NTSC systems, so it seemed like a hassle-free solution.. Not that it proved out one, really. If you have a PAL system and this mod installed, you should definitely read on!

The RetroKidz Atari 2600 video mod PCB

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