Atari 2600 mods

After a bit of side-tracking with other projects, it was about time to finally tackle this console. I want to release a Atari 2600 tune for the executable music compo at Breakpoint 2006 so I need to have the hardware ready by then. Specifically, video and audio out mods are needed.

After looking around a bit, I came across Nathan Strumm’s excellent Atari 2600 video mod comparison page and decided to implement the mod mentioned from As for the audio, I wanted to have the two channels of TIA mono/stereo selectable. This is where Rob Mitchell’s page came in handy. As the video mod makes the RF circuit useless I figured I can remove it altogether and mod the RF switch to be used for the mono/stereo selection. The pics:

Why the Scart socket? Well, I have a switcher and plenty of fully coupled Scart cables so figured I’ll use this one instead. The resistor attached on pin 16 (tied to ground on pin 18) is used to signal the television (or whatever the receiver) that a composite signal is fed instead of RGB.

As for the quality of this mod? Bollocks. I’m only getting a really faint distorted signal, so it definitely needs some inspection. However, as the audio bit is in order I’m going to delay it to a later date and assume it’ll be enough for demonstration purposes at Breakpoint 2006.

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