TTSH (Arp 2600 Clone)


TTSH (Two Thousand Six Hundred) is a circuit-exact clone / replica of Arp 2600, a legendary 1970s semi-modular synthesizer. The printed circuit board & faceplate were designed and manufactured by I chose to go for a road case design similar to model 2600P, and ended up building two versions of it from scratch. My grand design plan was to have the minimum amount of visible screws and tolex seams. Version 1 of the case failed horrible in this aspect hence the v2.

Added modifications include loudspeaker baffles (flat open type), On / Off switch for slider LEDs, faster AR envelope, switchable oscillator sync, On / Off switch for VCF input bypass capacitors, a (Midimplant) MIDI-to-CV converter w/ buffered outputs, better white noise transistor, spring reverb driver stage with lower noise floor and gate input booster (+5VDC gates can trigger ADSR).

Work stage posts

A TTSHshshstart of sorts
Road case v1 design
Road case v1 build
Road case v2 build
Tolex, gettin’ sticky wit it
Loudspeaker baffle mod
Gate Booster mod
Spring Reverb mods


Road case ready to go!

Road case ready to go!

Corner bracket closeup

Corner bracket closeup



DISCLAIMER! Below you can find a link to the CAD files I made while designing the case for my TTSH. You can use them as reference for building a similar case of your own. I don’t recommend building one using the exact dimensions given; If you do I can’t be held responsible for any errors etc. While building my prototypes the dimensions needed to be adjusted, and I didn’t bother updating these drawings.

I’m making these files available under Creative Commons licence Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (BY-NC-SA).

Download here: TTSH case design CAD files by Arto Koivisto

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