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MIDI Pedal Board, the casing

How about a music gadget build project? This blog hasn’t seen one in.. err.. almost two years, so here’s one for change: Converting a 70s Hammond (or is this 80s?) organ to a MIDI foot keyboard / pedal!

The Hammond 123J3, photo by the internet.

The Hammond 123J3, photo by the internet. Mine was missing the note holder board altogether.

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Keyboard fridge magnets

Time for a fun quickie amidst the Jerry project!

Some time last summer, I spotted these necklaces in this one shop that were made from computer keyboard caps. As you can probably guess, the idea of a DIY-something-out-of-keyboard-caps has been brewing in my head ever since. Shortly after, I’ve had a magnet (pulled from a damaged 3,5″ harddisk) and some keyboard caps on my desk waiting to be turned into fridge magnets. Time to give this idea a spin!

The parts for the fridge magnets

The parts for the fridge magnets, guess what word they're going to form ;)

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Odyssey, keyboard crazy

When googling around for what spare parts might be available, among the first things I came across were the replacement keyboard bushings. At first I didn’t really think of this as a serious repair, but as I got the swap done the difference was way more dramatic than I had expected. So I’m quite happy that I decided to order a replacement set anyway. I knew I’d be dismantling the keyboard anyway, so it wouldn’t be much of a hassle to replace the bushings while I’m at it.. Read More…

TB 3k3

The TB 3k3 is my version of Oakley Sound Systems TB3030. I actually started working on this project prior to the Midibox SID, but being the more complex project out of the two it was completed only some 6 months after. Since I prefer playing keyboards, I decided to make a keyboard version instead of a rack module. As I don’t have a CV/Gate converter or anything else to drive the sound board with, the keyboard is a necessity in that sense too. No build photos of this project either so once again, the completed unit:

TB 3k3 front view

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