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Casio DG-20, power supply

Guess what I bought last weekend.. :D

The instrument Darth Vader would use if he was into playing..

Yes, it’s the silly looking (and ridiculously overweight) guitar synth straight from the 80s, made famous by¬†Flight of the Conchords.. the Casio DG-20! You probably now know what to expect to be reading in this blog over the coming weeks.. ;)

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Not much happening on the DIY front for quite a while, but now I can haz a model 2800 whiteface Arp Odyssey \:D/ Yay!

What a classic synth, I have no doubts that this will swiftly become my precioussssss-sssss. Downside, it’s going to need a whole bunch of repairs. Keyboard bushings, sliders, damaged components, you name it. Probably every bit you could expect to be broken in a synth that’s +30 years old.

So repairs it shall be then. To get started somewhere, I gave the internals a quick glance to map out the most “obvious bits”. Someone had been servicing (or “servicing”?) the synth previously to say the least; there were some extra components added to the solder side of boards A and B and the power supply cable had been swapped.

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