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Lamp rig

A quick hack to replace a 500W halogen lamp that broke during a photo shoot. Made this simple bulb rig by affixing some GU5.3 lamp holders to a piece of wood via straightened L-brackets and installed what bulbs I had at hand (adding up to about 200W).

Lamp rig

The rig is mounted on top of a Ikea Grundtal door hanger, no need to affix the two together since the counterweight given by the lamp transformers (hung on the opposite side of the door) is enough :)

Lamp rig, Ikea Grundtal door hanger

The lamp rig installation kit à la Ikea.

Photo shoot a-go-go

Photo shoot a-go-go.

As for the actual project, well, more on that in a few weeks.

CPU heatsink mod

A CPU fan of one of the computers near my desk (used to run testing software 24/7) started making way too much noise for me to tolerate, so a swift repair was called for..

CPU cooler mod, angled view

CPU cooler mod, side view

\:D/ 10 minute epic kludges ftw! Too bad that I didn’t have any silver duct tape, some of that would’ve made this a real designer item.