XRGB Framemeister japanese SCART to european

Now here’s a quick one. Something which should definitely come in handy if you’re looking to convert a japanese SCART cable to an european one. Perhaps off general interest too. Certainly not the only one of these floating around on the internet.

The XRGB Framemeister-Mini is about the most awesome thing ever for hooking up your RGB-outputting retro game consoles to any modern HDMI equipped screen. It does have one minor problem for us europeans though: The device ships with a SCART adapter pinned for japanese systems, and plugging your european gear to that is a big NO-NO. Good thing: it’s easy to mod into something euro-compatible!

The Framemeister-mini. Photo by the internets.

The Framemeister-mini. Photo by the internets.

If you’re wondering what the hell is that christmas tree sticker on the pictures below, it’s there to mark pin 20 on the connector. I recommend you mark yours too, so it’s easier to keep track of which way the connector sits on your desk. Christmas tree sticker is highly recommended, but if you’re in a pinch you could nick some other similar sticker from your kid(s) too.

Now then, heat up that soldering iron, roll up your sleeves, open the SCART connector casing and get to it!

Step 1

Step 1. This is where it begins. Also notice the life-like portrait of yours truly, as drawn by my daughter (awww).

Step 2

Step 2. It’s the christmas tree! On the connector, resolder pin 1 to pin 6.

Step 3

Step 3. Next up, resolder pin 5 to pin 2.

Step 4

Step 4. Then resolder pin 3 to pin 4.

Step 5

Step 5. Then disconnect cable from pin 7. Resolder pin 20 to pin 7.

Step 6

Step 6. Resolder pin 9 to pin 20.

Step 7

Step 7. Solder the wire from pin 7 (disconnected in Step 5) to pin 9.

Step 8

Step 8. Resolder pin 19 to pin 11

Step 9

Step 9. All done, yay!! \:D/ .. I got so excited that the picture went all blurry. Sorry!

To add suspense to all this cable modding, some game consoles don’t necessarily work with just the plain cable but need a special sync stripper added. On SCART, the sync signal is carried mixed to the composite video signal, and what this little extra circuit does is it removes the video, leaving only the clean sync signal. If your console is having problems syncing to the screen, then your adapter probably needs one. For the DIY solution, check out this simple circuit by my favourite consoles resource, Mmmonkey. For something more ready-made things like this are also available.

Just to note, I’ve so far tested the adapter with Sega Megadrive and Sony Playstation, which both worked fine without a sync stripper. Know a console that needs the circuit? Do leave a comment below :)

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4 responses to “XRGB Framemeister japanese SCART to european”

  1. mmmonkey says :

    I should soon have a Mini, thanks for the guide (and kind comment), I will follow the guide myself and link to it!

  2. John Harrison says :

    There is an error in this guide… pin 7 should go to pin 17, not pin 9. Pin 17 on a JP-21 connector is the Sync Ground which is what pin 7 is on Euro Scart.

    • Arto says :

      Well yeah if you absolutely want to match the pins. In practice it makes no difference whatsoever, because all the different ground pins tie to a single ground point on the device side anyway. Ground is ground is ground :)

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