MAME cabinet, end

About time to wrap this one up! Plenty of software config is still pending, but what the hell.. ;)

The completed cabinet feat. CD lamp :)

Rear view of the cabinet, already collecting dust ;)

Fully installed computer system, cable installation cleanup pending..

I realized I never took a picture of the cabinet when I got it, so here’s one borrowed from Pelikalleria..:

Atari RAY 1100 cabinet. Image by Pelikalleria.

The original Atari RAY 1100 jamma cabinet

Not that mine was even close to as good a condition as this one.. Finally, a round of thanks.

Thank you Albert, Nina & Ellinor; without your help, sourcing some of the parts for this project would’ve proved a whole lot more difficult! Thanks Juha and Antti; transporting the cabinet here and there was far more easier with you guys around. Thanks mfx betatesting crew; your ‘needs fixing’ pointers proved off great value (reckon there’s still more testing sessions to come!). Thank you Niina; for putting up with all the “build mess” of the final stages in our kitchen :)

Sure took a while!

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2 responses to “MAME cabinet, end”

  1. leiasqz says :

    Äiti sanoo kiitos ;)

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