Sega Dreamcast VGA mod

Came acrossa a bargain Sega Dreamcast bundle and simply couldn’t pass it by, so here I am with yet another console post!

As far as modding instructions go I’ll once again default to one of my favourites, Mmmonkey, and his Dreamcast Internal VGA -page. Not much to add to the instructions, so I’ll just skip to the photos. Do check out Mmmonkey’s page for further descriptions if you like.

With my Dreamcast I chose to cut a small piece from the EMI shielding plate and install the connector and the switch to the ventilation openings. Snug fit, but in did the parts go!

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3 responses to “Sega Dreamcast VGA mod”

  1. Jake says :

    did you solder all your points to the top of the motherboard and none underneath? all the guides show underneath but i buggered up the solder there so been trying to solder on top. Any tips?

    • arto says :

      Yes everything is soldered on top. Getting good solder joint with the connector this way is far more difficult than on the bottom, especially where adjacent pins need to be used. A adjustable soldering iron, solder flux, and a [i]very[/i] steady hand are what you need to pull this off.

      One other option would be to try locating alternate soldering points (pcb vias and such) from elsewhere on the pcb. You can probably follow the traces visually, but it’s a good practice to verify the connections using a multimeter. Just set it to resistance mode and check that it reads zero ohms.

      If there’s a smd part on the ‘other end’, that’s probably the easiest to solder to. Vias usually have a plating, so you need to scrape it off prior to soldering. Both of these have their issues too: Simple parts like resistors are too easy to wipe off the board altogether with careless soldering whereas scraping vias can damage the corner between the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the pcb.

    • arto says :

      Oh and if you don’t mind sharing, how did you bugger up the solder? Do you still get signals from the video connector?

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