QuadSID, front plate

Continuing on the more visible bits of the project, today I completed the measuring, drilling and sanding the front plate! Needs just a bit of base paint and it’s ready for Petri to do all the labeling.

As you can see from the close up, the switch holes have the concave part (I mentioned about it in this post) made with a flush-mount drill bit. Nothing too fancy or smoothly transitioning with the surface, but I can now safely say that the approach works! \:D/

Despite this, it’s not like the front plate was a complete success either.. I managed to hit few drill holes  slightly off mark and there were a few slightly deeper dents that surface sanding couldn’t fix/remove. To patch these up, I decided to solder them. Not the best approach as it requires quite a bit of heat, but I wanted to test this method instead of using some filling compound. The patched spots are visible in the overall picture as well (darker areas).

And (whoomp) there it is then.

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