QuadSID, board mounting tests

It’s always neat when a DIY project starts taking shape to the extent that you actually get to assemble/fashion together sub-sections of the entire system. Today was such a day, as I completed drilling holes and mounting the PCB supports to the lower half of the enclosure. Needless to say, there was much rejoicing \o/. Besides this, earlier this week I also completed the PSU board, stripped more C64s for SID chips and stuffed quite a bit of PCBs.

Not that the my previous board placement planning was entirely a success.. As I was a bit hasty and two-dimensional with the board placement, I forgot to factor in enough room for the Midi in/out connectors.  Luckily, if the core and SID boards located next to the connectors are stacked from their adjacent edges, the connectors will fit in. However, my plan of neatly routing the cables through the middle of the casing is now ruined and I’m left to figure out some other way. Also, there a couple of excess drill holes to fill up prior to painting the case.

Whilst stuffing the boards earlier this week, what surprised me the most was the amount of wrong parts in some of the kits. Three of the SID kits had 7805 regulators instead of 7809 and all kits lacked a 470pF, 1nF and 1uF capacitors. Not that this was a problem per se, as I do have these parts “in stock”. Nonetheless, considering that these were supposed to be ready-to-build-kits the percentage of missing/wrong parts was rather high. I can quite well predict, that had a complete newbie started assembling these kits there’s a high probability that the wrong type of regulators would’ve ended up on the boards.

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