Ghetto headphones, part 1

Three headphones (AKG, Audio-Technica and Philips) in the SER pile, so I figured I’ll try combining them to something functional :).. The “A’s” are mechanically damaged beyond repair whereas the wireless Philips headphones are ok but the ear cushions are crap and the transmitter is broken. So, it’s Philips for the main structure and the A’s for cable and ear cushions. Hi-End to the max! \:D/

GHP, gutting the wireless headphones

The wireless Philips headphones

First up, the active electronics inside Philips had to go. I also stripped the ear cushions from the AKG headphones while at it. These are far better than the Philips ones ever were (even when brand new). Not too hard to guess where Philips saved to make these wireless headphones affordable.. Assuming that their product design department ever tested these headphones for comfortable fit, I can’t even begin to imagine what shape must their heads be in order to wear these comfortably.

I decided to attach the AKG ear cushions with glue, but as they have open areas on the inside (check picture below) the glueable surface is not too big. To work around this, I cut a back plate from thin aluminium.

GHP, ear cushions

Ear cushions from some AKG headphones

GHP, cutting backplates

Sketching ear cushion back plates with a roll of tape

GHP. backplates inserted

Back plate inserted.

The AKG ear cushions have this elastic rubbery edge, so the aluminium disc slots neatly inside it with the plastic frame. Using the plastic cover from the Philips headphones as a mask, I spray-painted the discs black.

GHP, backplates painted

Back plate painted.


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