Davetone tests

Eventually managing to arrange a test session for my Davetones, a short summary is in order. My friend Kraku was kind enough to help, and so we spent a good hour listening to this and that. First up, the test setup:

Davetone vs. Avantone vs. Genelec 8050 :)

Neither me or Kraku have the equipment for doing proper freq graph analysis, so all comparisons were performed by ear alone and whilst listening to this and that.. Just to namedrop a few of the playlist entries, we had bands/artists like Nine Inch Nails, Madonna, Aaron Neville and Pendulum. We had output busses set up in Logic Pro so that A/B switching could be done on the fly without interruptions.

Compared against one another, the Avantones clearly reproduce more high frequencies than Davetones. On the other hand, Davetones had a more pronounced mid-range and a little more reach on the bottom end. The mids even felt at times a little stuffed up, but that’s what we want from these speakers, right? As for the slight extension at the bottom end, my guess is that this has mostly to do with the marginally larger internal cubic volume..  And I’m of course relying entirely on the (likely) fact that the Avantone design is well-matched to Auratones. The latter is said to have a cubic volume of 2.3 liters, and my design adds maybe around +0.5 liters.

The Genelecs were more of a decoration, but we did sneak them into a few tests. For one, I couldn’t pass by the opportunity to compare stereo imaging and level of detail.. albeit the very easy-to-predict results ;). Moreover, I was curious to test especially Aaron Neville’s “It Feels Like Rain” (below) with the 8050s, as this track is said to be one of the reference tracks Genelec uses at their factory for proofing speakers. While I’m uncertain whether this is actually true, the mixdown sure was smooth, conveying well the relaxed, natural feel and providing very delightful depth. Put short, solid mix engineering.

Rather than using the Youtube version above, we did have a proper wav version for this song.. ;)

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