MAME cabinet, initial basics

Starting the project with some basic repairs, I decided to clean up and paint the cabinet. The original color of  it was somewhat mid gray (maybe slightly tinted to brown) whereas the door was light gray, so quite a dull combo to say the least. As there were some dents and scratches on most of the surfaces all over both of the side panels, I saw it fit to spackle and sand them up and go for a complete repaint.

I decided that the main colors for this cabinet will be black and red. A rather classic combination of dark and bright, and also a safe one that hardly ever fails ;) .. As the joysticks and buttons I’ve been eye-balling for the controller console are red, having a black/red theme on the cabinet itself will make the whole thing more uniform. I also placed an order for a couple of red MAME logo sideart stickers from Classic Arcade Grafix. Also, the t-moldings are currently silver but they’re so badly damaged (silver finish chipping off, dents & cuts, rubber partially dried up) that I guess they have to go. Guess with what color I’m gonna replace them?

There were also some old torn sideart stickers on the cabinet, so prior to painting I spent a good moment or three scraping these and their glue residues away. Then, a quick ugly sanding and on to the spray paint. This shortly proved itself a crap idea; as the sides of the cabinet are such a large surfaces, the spray paint managed to dry up partially before I was able to complete a layer. This in turn resulted in a slightly uneven paint surface. Maybe a smooth paint roller or some brush/dab might’ve been far more better than the spray can, but I decided to stick with the surface quality and hope that the stickers cover up some of the uneveness.. Anyway, after the cabinet had dried up, I installed a grille to the rear venting hole, cut out and installed a metal sheet for the master power switch.

Just to be a bit of a tease, I’ll save photos of the entire cabinet to when I have the door frame fixed. It needs a bit of hammering..


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