MAME cabinet, monitor installation

As can be concluded from the overall cabinet view on my previous post, the monitor did fit inside the cabinet despite I was able only to roughly estimate the size from the tube diameter (24″). But, to actually fit the tube on the installation frame of the cabinet was a different case altogether. As the cabinet is originally designed as a generic one suitable for various games, the monitor installation frame has a rotation mechanism to enable horizontal and vertical installations. Latter is quite often used in shooters for example.

Now, my plan was of course to be able to use this mechanism instead of using software screen rotation in MAME. From the game launcher app you then could, depending which way the screen happens to be, filter available games using  either vertical or horizontal screen configuration. However, when I fitting the tube it turned out to be slightly too big for the rotation mechanism to be used in-place. The only way for me to ever use it would be to remove the tube from the installation frame, rotate the frame and install the tube back in it’s place. How convenient :D .. Fuck that then.

Affixing the tube was easiest done using the original monitor casing as a fitting plate to match the installation frame. A bit of sawing and filing and I had the front panel of the monitor cut out from the rest of the casing. To my luck, the plastic frame fit inside the installation frame with very minor adjustments.

As for the electronics, I just took some of the plastic mounting bits from the monitor casing and bolted those inside the cabinet. When the tube is in place, the mainboard comes quite close to the beam control board. Some of the interconnecting cables need to be extended as the boards are spaced apart further than inside what they were inside the monitor casing. But I’ll tackle that later; the cables could also use a bit of routing clean up so it’s better to do all the cabling on one go.

MAME cabinet, monitor PCBs installed


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