MAME cabinet, hammertime!

While fetching the monitor, I extended my “wild shopping spree” and bought transport handles for the cabinet as the original ones had been taken for spare parts. When complete, I assume the cabinet will weigh well over 100kgs (if not +150kg), so these handles are a must if one ever wishes to move the cabinet in any sane fashion. While installing the handles, I also painted and installed the upper vent grille.

MAME cabinet, transport handles & upper vent grille

As for the cabinet door parts, it was about time to acquaint them with mr. Hammer and dr. Sander. The metal slat (or whatever one might call a L-shaped stick) that is used to reinforce the side panel opposite to the hinge-side was torn and badly bent from one spot. This blocked the door frame from being properly closed. Apparently, the mounting screws of the door frame had loosened over time and the door was thus slighty misaligned. As people had been carelessly slamming the door shut, parts of the locking mechanism had kept banging against the slat, eventually causing it to tear. Even the hinges of the door frame were slightly bent because of all the excess use of force. Nonetheless, nothing that 15 minutes of hammering and bending wouldn’t cure! The now straightened slat seemed solid enough to withstand careful door operation so I left it as-is.

After this 101 class in metal works, I gave the door parts a layer of base paint followed by red and clear lacquer. I’m not sure whether there were some impurities on the clean paint surfaces (I did clean them between layers) or the different spray paints were somehow chemically incompatible, but for some reason the lacquer crinkled up on few spots. Reckon I’ll be the lazy boy and leave that one as-is as well.  So finally, here’s what the basic cabinet looks like now..:

MAME cabinet, overall view 1

Yay \:D/ .. For this photo, I styled up the cabinet a bit by installing a inkjet-print test marquee of the MAME logo and the monitor as-is. I’ll be looking into actually fitting/mounting it inside the cabinet in a few days, so more in-detail stuff about that soonish.


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