MAME cabinet, monitor

As the cabinet came with no monitor, I’ve been looking for some sort of a tube that’d fit this use ever since I bought the cabinet. Buying a real arcade monitor didn’t make sense as running that would require a special graphics card as well. I want to also have the possibility of hooking up consoles (PS2 light gun games anyone?), so a regular telly or a video monitor would be the most optimal choice. The picture doesn’t really have to sharp either, I consider slight blurring just as paying homage to the classic coinops. Or whatever ;)

Anyway, some days ago I came across a 24″ video monitor at (the ‘finnish Ebay’ as some call it). It was described by the owner to have been used at some skiing contest held in Lahti for viewing results and had been now left obsolete. Pretty cheap one, has SCART and composite video, about 15km away from where I live, no bids and about to close. I just immediately jumped to it without even giving a second thought for the possibility that the screen might be too large to fit inside the cabinet. As there were no further bids, the (preciousssss) monitor was mine in no time. Gonna go pick it up in a day or three, let’s see how it fits!


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