MAME cabinet

Sometime early 2003, I came across some amazing MAME cabinets people had built themselves. Completely new to the subject, I briefly familiarized myself with the constructional details involved and eventually left the idea of a self-made cabinet bubbling somewhere to the farthest corners of my mind.

The idea of a DIY cabinet resurfaced this february as I came across some huge sheets of MDF in the dumpster, probably part of some dismantled double bed or a cupboard. “These sheets could be used to construct the entire frame for a cabinet, for sure!” I thought and stored them. Until now, I’ve been just re-familiarizing myself with the constructional details once again to figure out whether the whole project is doable at all. However, as of now I can say that this project is a go!

Just so as it happens, I came across an advert left by Georg of Real Games a week or so ago. He was selling two Atari AR-1100 JAMMA cabinet frames for 20€ a piece and, to cut the story short, these two are now sitting in the basement ;) .. They’re just the plain cabinet frames without controller consoles or monitors, so I can make pretty much what I want out of them in that aspect. Not that the JAMMA standard would cater for eight buttons per player anyway. Looking at a picture of a functional AR-1100 I doubt that the controller console would fit this amount of buttons, let alone adding a arcade spinner controller as well.

Before starting with anything else though, the cabinet frame of my choice needs some basic repairs. The door frame has taken a bit of beating, so I need to do a bit of metal and paint work before proceeding with anything else. Stay tuned for more!


2 responses to “MAME cabinet”

  1. JC says :

    I built kine of a cross between a cabinet and a controller:

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