MAME cabinet, mechanical odds and ends

Moving on with some odds and ends for the interior mechanics, not much to write about really..

For the marquee backlight, I decided to recycle a cold cathode lamp from a LCD. Not that it’s anywhere near power efficient (draws about 6W on maximum brightness) , but I sure am armed to the teeth with spare lamps.  I can also recycle the backplate and the light dispersion sheets from the LCD. Like so..

MAME cabinet, marquee backlight mount

..actually, there are two of the dispersion sheet plexi glasses glued together to cover the entire window. From what I tested, there seems to be enough light despite the CCFL doesn’t cover the entire length of the window. Now I only need to figure out some neat marquee print!

Next up, as the hydraulic spring used to keep the door frame open didn’t have any mounting point inside the cabinet, I made one from a leftover piece of 2mm aluminium, a flush-mount M6 screw and some appropriate spacers.

MAME cabinet, hydraulic spring mount inside the cabinet

And finally, it was time to test the shelve rail mechanism by cutting up a shelve. I also cut extra holes to the shelve to make it more light-weight. Who knows, maybe this will also improve air circulation for the PC but I’ll gladly settle for trimming away whatever excess weight I can.

MAME cabinet, lower shelve installed

A drive mounting rack from some old PC  case makes a nice.. drive mounting rack! Except I’m flipping it upside down.

MAME cabinet, shelve and drive mounting rack

..And no, I’m not going to leave the ZIP drive installed, it worked as a spacer so that I got the drill holes marked to proper spots.  The upper shelve will have to wait until I get a second (large enough) piece of plywood for free. The lower shelve was cut from a small Wärtsilä freight container, so thanks for the “sponsorship”! :)


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