I’m not done yet!

Here’s my brief hello and happy new year to all you my readers and followers! I felt like posting this update to share that although it’s been a quiet year for this blog, I’m by far not done DIYing :)

2018’s been a weird one for me in that I’ve done more DIY than ever, but none of it was anything to write about. Among many other things all my DIY included a kitchen which (perhaps at its low point) looked like this:


..and come to think about writing, well, I wouldn’t have had the time for it anyway; at the busiest of times I was pulling 14-16 hour days for weeks on end to get things sorted. But happy to have survived and that’s that.

Despite the blog’s been dead this year, I’d like to also send thanks to everyone who kept checking back and getting in touch throughout the year for quick advice, details about my builds, left comments in posts and what have you. I may have not been the fastest at responding to mails etc, but I did manage eventually.

May 2019 turn out better with having the time for new, blog-worthy DIY builds :)

Thanks & Happy New Year!








Oh and the kitchen? It turned out looking like this:

Kitchen kickboard and ceiling panel installation saved for 2019 ;)

Ta ta,


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