Santa Business (aka Cutting Boards)

This here build is something I completed well before christmas. Since the products were presents for family & friends I chose to post-pone making a post to after christmas. No point running a risk of ruining the surprise for everyone!

It's a cutting board!

It’s a cutting board made from oak!

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Synthesizer Dust Cover

While the days remaining for this year might be drawing towards the end, what there’s left around the christmas holiday season come packed with heaps of spare time. As in, a welcome bonus hours to tinker this and that around the house :)

One DIY skill that’s been on my “to try” list for quite some time is sewing. And if there’s one add-on I’d really like to have for my synthesizers, that would be tailor made dust covers. Add up these two, and it sounds just like a fun project for the holidays. Perhaps recycle some worn-out clothes while at it.

Long story to follow, here’s what I ended up with:

custom x0xb0x dust cover

Yay it’s a custom dust cover for my x0xb0x.

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A TTSHshshstart of sorts

I must admit I wasn’t planning on taking up any build projects anytime soon.. But even so, today I found myself looking at a full set of parts for crazy large synthesizer build: The Two-Thousand-Six-Hundred aka TTSH aka a Arp 2600 clone.

A TTSH with basic black case. Photo by Zthee / Muffwiggler forum.

A TTSH in a black metal case. Photo by Zthee / Muffwiggler forum.

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MIDI Pedal Board, the setup

So there it is, the MIDI Pedal Board. Now how to use it?



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MIDI Pedal Board, the electronics

Continuing from part 1 of this project, I’ll run through what I did to get my MIDI Pedal Board to more than just a (nice?) shell. All that stuff which makes it tick!

The case, all good to receive electronics!

The case, all good to receive electronics!

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