Unnu -inspired tv stand / media bench

Need a clean & elegant looking tv stand that will hide away all the equipment yet allow remote controllers to work through doors? Then check this out :)

Ever since I came across danish Unnu‘s wonderfully minimalistic tv stands, anything even slightly similar became a instant “must have” on my want-list. Biggest problem here: for me the nearest Unnu retailers are located ~400 km away in Stockholm, Sweden. Not exactly mail order stuff these tv stands..

Unnu tv stand minus the tv. Photo by Unnu.

Unnu tv stand minus the tv. Photo by Unnu.

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Wrapping up 2013

No christmas special this year (thank god.. err.. Flying Spaghetti Monster), so I thought I’d post a brief end-of-the-year summary.


Photo shamelessly stolen from keepcalmomatic.co.uk !

2013 was special to me because I was fortunate enough to have a sabbatical, spending the year completely off the 9-to-5 routine, enjoying this and that at home and taking care of my kid. Oh so preciousssssssss-ssssss!

So what transpired during 2013? Looking back, the year saw me:

  1. Modding my good old AKAI S2000 for internal SCSI,
  2. tweaking the S-Video output of a Commodore C64,
  3. kludging a substitute for a mouse mat  (very effectively still in use!),
  4. quick-hacking some lamps for a photoshoot and then,
  5. using the results to wrap up a long due build post (+ releasing a single on digital while at it),
  6. cabling up my Klee sequencer build and then
  7. somewhat out of the blue, making some blackcurrant leaf juice (!),
  8. re-working the preamp of my DIY spring reverb, Jerry Springer, and finally
  9. spending a few hours of a rainy dainy to organize home keys.

.. and all this enabled me to hit the 200 post mark.. Yay, I guess?

I also spent the better part of the year working on this big build project. I was really hoping to have it wrapped up by now, but other expenses forced me to postpone some part purchases etc. As it stands the build is about 95% done so there’s no way I’m dropping it this close to finish. The reason why I want to keep it under the lid for now, is to try a slightly different approach to all this DIY blogging. So bear with me, while I get the stuff done ;)

Aaaand that’s about it! I thank everyone of you subscribing the RSS feed and wish you the bestest of new year! 5-4-2-1 OFF-BLAST! \:D/

If  you’re curious to check out more of pointless My DIY Blog stats, then head over to the automated annual WordPress report!

Lego Key Organizer

Rainy day..

Today autumn arrived to Helsinki in full force, bringing along a rainy gray day.. As if wanting to prep you for the dark winter times ahead. Stuck indoors with very little else than house chores to do, I decided to brighten my day with a quick hack: A Lego Key Organizer!
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Jerry Springer, input amp revisited

One of those small things I’ve been planning to do something about for a good while: the input amp of Jerry Springer, my DIY spring reverb unit.

Say hello to Jerry :)

Say hello to Jerry.

It wasn’t long after I completed the build, that the amp board blew up on me. Since the original build also included a “Direct In” that bypasses the amp (via switching jack), I simply continued using the tank by feeding it directly from one of the outputs of my AD/DA converter (the Behringer ADA8000). Sure, the signal levels weren’t anything good but the setup worked.. Read More…

Blackcurrant leaf juice

Following through with my promise to Chris & René, here’s one addition to my magnificient roster of food DIY.

No, I’m still not planning to turn this blog into a food one, but this blackcurrant leaf juice is one of my favorites which I’ve made almost every summer for many many years.. About time to have it featured I’d say :)

What I conceptually like about this juice the most is that it makes use of parts other than the berries. It’s also very simple to make, just about much work as making a (very large) cup of tea.

The hero of our show. Photo by Saxo.

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