Little Bitchard live @ Stream 8

I did a live set at Stream 8 demoparty (Tampere, Finland) some weeks ago. As TMCrole recently uploaded a video clip of it on Youtube, I figured might as well have it here too :)

Unfortunately the on-stage lighting was a bit weak for the cameras, so I’m not very well visible in the clip. Luckily, at least the löövli live visuals provided by Jugi and Pommak are!


  1. 0:00:50 – 0:06:58 First Machine
  2. 0:07:37 – 0:11:32 1,2,3 C64
  3. 0:12:22 – 0:18:36 The Jupiter Sound (Original Version)
  4. 0:19:19 – 0:23:43 Low Tek Sounds
  5. 0:24:15 – 0:29:13 Next Generation
  6. 0:29:56 – 0:33:38 Do It Nao
  7. 0:34:17 – 0:38:40 Shortcuts (Little Bitchard Re-work)
  8. 0:40:13 – 0:45:16 Secret Desire
  9. 0:45:56 – 0:52:55 Kova Lattia
  10. 0:53:25 – 0:59:13  Discojytää
  11. 0:59:51 – 1:03:54 Vanillarocker
  12. 1:04:51 – 1:08:07 Paranoid

..And just to have the other people “involved” credited, ‘Jupiter Sound’ was done with AK Balance whereas  Shortcuts’ is originally by Dixan and Synteesi. On the set, the latter is my “produced by LB” edit/mix. Besides these two there are of course my cover versions from ‘Secret Desire’ by I-F and ‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath. The latter is a fairly incomplete fun remix/edit, just in case you’re wondering why it sounds.. err.. incomplete! Not that covering ‘Secret Desire’ live actually went too well either, thanks to yours truly forgetting to connect the vocoder microphone :)

Some other recordings of the gig exist, but whether they can be turned into anything upload-worthy still remains a mystery. I haven’t had the chance to check all of the recordings, but at least the ones I have are pretty unusable. The original (non-live) versions of most of these tunes are of course downloadable at the Little Bitchard website.

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