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Payback sans pay

This post is very much DIY off-topic (I even added a ‘off-topic’ category just for this!), but I’m adding it here too.  As I don’t really have any means (eg. network) of spreading official announcements to news sites, this is about the only additional coverage I can give it. Also, since my current Bitchard -website isn’t very SEO-friendly, having the news here (sort of) fixes that.

So, if you’re a fan of the iPhone / iPod Touch port of Payback (the video game), read on..

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Little Bitchard live @ Stream 8

I did a live set at Stream 8 demoparty (Tampere, Finland) some weeks ago. As TMCrole recently uploaded a video clip of it on Youtube, I figured might as well have it here too :)

Unfortunately the on-stage lighting was a bit weak for the cameras, so I’m not very well visible in the clip. Luckily, at least the löövli live visuals provided by Jugi and Pommak are!

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mfx cda01

A quick one to round up 2010.. We (as in the musicians of demoscene group mfx) decided to put up our mfx cda01 CD-R compilation (released in 2002) to digital distribution, just for the fun of it! So, it’s now available on a bunch of music services like Spotify. Check it out!

Any $$ made with this release will be directed to our ‘mfx Hawaii retirement fund’.. or possibly used to finance duplication of a certain pending mfx release ;)

Unfortunately at the moment, the artist names are missing so the release just shows up as ‘mfx’ printed as the artist. I’m not sure if it can be corrected (submitted a request already) as the album is “up” already, so here’s the correct artist list:

Cover artwork of 'mfx cda01'

Cover artwork of 'mfx cda01'

  1. Little Bitchard – Intro
  2. Nosfe – Destroy
  3. Mcre – Coan 72
  4. Mel Function – Sad Quark
  5. Synteesi – Tr31
  6. Little Bitchard – Empire
  7. Dixan – Loollabye
  8. Uncle-X – Severed Pits
  9. Dixan – Brillian White of a Distant Sun
  10. Mel Function – Mad Cow Disease
  11. Uncle-X – Lounge Chair
  12. Nosfe – Listen
  13. 1in10 – VIOLENCE ASTRAL Mk2
  14. Little Bitchard & Uncle-X – Millssi
  15. Synteesi – Target
  16. Mcre – Bias Tch
  17. Little Bitchard – MySQR

The correctly titled free download version is available at as before.

That’s about it for 2010.. Happy new year everyone! :)

x0x, sounds!

I promised myself that once my x0xb0x is in a fully functional state, the first thing I’ll do with it will be a cover from a song that I consider to be _THE_ acid tune of all times. So finally, after a lot of trial and error with the x0x build process, here’s my rendition of  “Acid Tracks” by Phuture (1987 / Trax Records). Press play on the player below and read on!

Little Bitchard – Acid Trax

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Atari Senior Riot – Smells Like TIA Spirit

A small break from all the DIYing, here’s my Atari 2600 entry ‘Smells Like TIA Spirit’ from Breakpoint 2006:

In overall the compo was once again pretty C64-heavy, but there were also single entries for Spectrum ZX, Amiga 500 and Atari STE. My tune placed 7th with 209 points whereas the winner, Reed’s C64 tune ‘R.E.E.D.’ got 309 points. You can download a zip archive of the binary + mp3 files from here. Check out Whimsey’s Z26 if you wish to run the binary on Linux or Windows. If you wish to check out my earlier posts related to this Atari 2600 entry, click here.