Klee, panel sketch #2

Nearing final version with the panel layout! For this one, the overall width narrowed down to about 34cm, so the final enclosure should definitely fit well within “desktop limits” too.

2nd version

Next up on the “design menu” would be completing the sub-panel design. This will most likely require some minor adjustments to the layout too, as I’m yet to completely factor in all parts according to their third dimension too. Let’s see how tricky this gets.. Draftsight is 2D, so all the “3D” has to be done with physical items, pen and paper.

Parts-wise I’m still stuck looking for that (damn) SP8T switch, so the current layout is dimensioned according to a SP12T Lorlin rotary. In the picture above, this is the biggest circle immediately to the right of slide potentiometers. Hopefully these rotary switches come in enough a standard size, that leaving a clearance of few millimeters around the part will make most variants fit!

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