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Jerry Springer, part 2

To get the ball rolling with this project after yesterday’s test setup, I decided to focus on the enclosure. I have had a old broken 70s stereo system (ASA brand) put aside for whatever suitable project and this is definitely one such. So:

ASA stereo, the case for Springer

The top bit needs some sanding plus a fresh layer of wood oil and most of the holes on the front panel will need to be filled up (“Jerry” will only have a power switch and a input gain dial). These are anyway fixable within a reasonable amount of time, so the case is quite fine for the project. Read More…


Jerry Springer

Ever since I completed Rytm1, one of the most interesting bits left over from the electric organ (and just waiting to be built into something usable) was it’s spring reverb tank. Being a sucker for dub and reggae, I knew I could sure appreciate having a hardware spring reverb unit to play around with. In that sense, this was of course a obvious project.

When stripping the organ for parts back in 2006, silly and hasty as I was, I removed the tank without looking at it’s driver electronics at all. Had I been more clever, I would’ve also stripped the driver stages with the tank. Or at least reverse-engineered the circuit… but no..

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