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Klee, panel sketch #1

Panel layout starting to take form.. To aid laying out a design, I decided to add a separate layer to the sketch just for drawing in the mechanical dimensions of all parts (knobs, solder lugs etc). A bit of extra work, but it’s definitely way easier to place parts when you have a visual confirmation that the clearances are ok. In the sketch, this layer is the cyan-colored one.

It's a start..

Other layer colors here are violet for PCBs, green for sub panel and yellow for front panel. The PCBs are supposed to stack up with the panel eventually, but positioning these three together will be about the last bit. Less clutter this way.

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TR9090, sequencer anyone?

No actual progress on the drum synth itself, but instead I’ve been toying around with a sketch for a sequencer. As TR9090 is a plain sound module, adding a sequencer would make it more faithful to the original 909. More importantly, much more self-contained and ‘hands on’.  Modifying something out of the MBHP platform would provide a relatively straightforward solution and maybe even I, the less programming oriented, could manage this. Heavy emphasis on the word ‘maybe’ ;) .. Here’s what I’ve been planning feature-wise:

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