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Macintosh Plus

A little personal history: Macintosh Plus, commonly referred to as “linnunpönttö” (birdhouse) in finnish, is a computer I got to test hands-on way later than it was released. By the time I did, Amiga 500 had been ruling the home computer hobbyist scene for years. Familiar with A500’s awesome capabilities the Plus (with it’s small gray-scale monitor) simply was, in comparison, a uninteresting relic.

Macintosh Plus. Photo by Wikimedia.

Fast forward ten (or so) years and I found myself looking at one in a second hand store. With a near yours-for-free-if-you-take-it-out-the-shop price tag, the Plus powered on nicely but came only with a keyboard (minus one key cap). The lack of OS disks and mouse made it pretty much a unusable piece-of-shit. Nonetheless, I took it with me and stored it away to wait for closer inspection. Then life had its funny ways, and the Plus sat in the basement waiting.. and waiting, right up until this august when I dug it up thinking “maybe it’s about time..” And here, we start to close in on this post.

There is a lot of info about Mac+ out and about the net. But as it often is with these retro systems, not everything is necessarily applicable or usable, or you’ll simply come across a bunch of dead links. One of my ideas with this post was to compact my findings and provide one usable solution for “how to get that damn can of worms up and running“. If you, like me, acquired a second-hand Plus with just a keyboard, this one is a definite read for you. Maybe you’ll have a little less grandiose mission getting your Plus back in action ;)

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iPod harddisk replacement

Despite there probably are plenty of instructions like this out there, I figured I’ll do one anyway. The reason: A few weeks ago, I managed to drop my iPod from the height of about 1,5m while the harddisk was spinning.. *Click-whirr* bye bye hd and a round of applause for me \o/. Knowing I’m gonna replace the part myself, why not also document while I’m at it.

Sooo.. Sourcing a spare, no problem. The one I bought is a 240Gb Toshiba (model MK2431GAH) I found on eBay. Even the shipping turned out super-fast; spare part on my desk in less than a week after paying for the order!

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