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MAME cabinet, system upgrade part 2

On to some testing results with the MAME cabinet computer upgrade. The new hardware was almost a “no fit” inside the cabinet (silly considering the size of it!), but I got the hardware installed eventually. The coin return slot had to go, but it’s not like there was any actual use for it in the cabinet.

New computer installed!

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MAME cabinet, adventures in video

With a working display finally installed, I started figuring out what to feed it with.

The graphics card I have installed in the system is a PCIE Club3D GeForce 6600 with 128Mb of memory. The Sony telly has SCART and the Geforce has a TV-out port that can do composite, s-video and YUV component. Out of these YUV component would be the best of course, but converting that to RGB component (used in SCART) would require a bit of active electronics in-between. There is a DIY-option for such a box available, but because of all work with this project as-is, I don’t feel like going that road for now.

So s-video or composite it is then! I chose the latter to start with as I didn’t have a s-video cable at hand. Ok-ish color picture on the telly, but once I got the Nvidia ForceWare drivers installed (version 266-something) the picture turned black&white. WTF?! Switching NTSC / PAL from the control panel didn’t seem to affect anything so I started looking the net for answers..

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