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TTSH, speaker baffle mod

This was a quick “let’s see what happens” kind of mod for my TTSH.

In their stock config, the TTSH loudspeakers are supposed to be fastened to the circuit board, which is then fastened to the front plate. Handy approach eg. for having the electronics as a entirely separate, single ‘module’ for servicing etc. But problem with this is that it leaves a ~12mm gap between the driver and the front panel. Read More…


Roland JP-4 IO Mod

For ages, I’ve badly wanted a MIDI mod for my JP-4, but the urge hasn’t been quite Kenton-bad. Needless to say, when I came across the Roland Jupiter-4 IO mod at the Jupiter forum sometime this february I was pretty amazed.. and shortly after, a kit in the mail! Kinda difficult to say no to a cheaper kit with better features.. ;)

Installation was a breeze and the added functionalities also gave me a possibility to receive a bit of RTFM from Laszlo (the creator of IO mod kit). Contrary to the installation instructions, I chose to drill holes for the MIDI connectors where the audio jacks are. There’s a relatively pointless warning plate right above the jacks and just so as it happens, the plate is about the size of two MIDI connectors. If the mod had to be removed, the drilled holes can be then covered with the original warning plate. Anyway, for the connectors to be installed like this, their cables had to be replaced to match the new location.

Boards and cabling installed

MIDI connectors

Not much else to say about this kit than recommend getting one if you have a JP-4 :)

Odyssey, breakout box

Moving on with the Odyssey mods..

I wanted to add CV/Gate I/O to the Odyssey without drilling the enclosure (reversible modding FTW). No choice but to make the mods external, maybe route some other signals as well.. As you probably guessed already, here’s where my Breakout Box comes into play!

Looking around the net I found some old posts where Gene Stopp had provided his solution, so I took that as a starting point. For the interconnect between the box and Odyssey, I cut up a old 25-pin DSUB extension cable. No need to solder connectors and the cable fit neatly through one of the jack holes on the rear. Who needs a sustain pedal anyway ;).. Here’s the schematic for the Breakout Box:

Can't see shit? Click image to download pdf.

For the casing I picked this old plastic project box I had lying around. It somewhat matched the main colors of a whiteface Odyssey so in that sense it was a rather obvious choice.

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